Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Boxed Paper Roses?:   Boxed Paper Roses are handcrafted, realistic looking roses that are made from high quality Italian Crepe Paper.  Crepe paper not only has beautiful grain lines that add to the realism of the flower, but those grain lines assist in shaping these flowers. The petals are hand cut from the crepe paper, shaped, and then formed into a beautiful rose.  We then take the roses and display them in a choice of beautiful flower boxes. 

What types of flower arrangements do you offer?:   Our product line is comprised of 3 styles of arrangement:   a single rose, 4 roses or 8 roses, in a variety of beautiful flower boxes.

What colours of rose do you offer?:    Our standard colours are yellow, pink, red or white.   We do this so that we can deliver your gifts as quickly as possible.  Other colour choices ARE available, just click here to reach out to us for a custom order.

What are the flower box choices?:   We love to see you personalize your gifts so we offer a selection of beautiful boxes.  They are all sturdy, durable boxes (with lids) that are meant to be long lasting keepsake boxes.  For example, we offer faux leather boxes for our 4 and 8 rose combinations in varying colours, but we also offer a simple black or white boxes as well.

Who makes the paper roses?:   These roses are handcrafted locally by paper florists who enjoy working with crepe paper.  

Do the flowers require special care?:   These roses need very little maintenance (not even water LOL), however, keeping them outside of the direct sunlight will keep them vibrant for many years.  

Can I include a personalized note?:   Absolutely!  All you have to do is indicate the occasion for the gift, and your message on the checkout page. 


Do you offer custom orders?:   Yes, we are happy to do custom orders. Reach out to us at judy@hayleyroseflorals.ca and let us know what you would like and we will work together to find the perfect solution for you and your special someone.  Please note that because these flowers are bespoke, they do take a longer period of time to prepare before shipping.

What is your Make it Right policy?:   We will certainly do our best to make sure everything happens seamlessly,  but if there are any hiccups, please let us know and we will make it right! We know you are trusting us to send your gifts to your special someone, so we want to make sure it is a great experience for both of you.  Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer refunds.