All about Paper Flowers!


Pink Crepe Paper Flowers

At Hayley Rose Florals, we specialize in Boxed Paper Roses.

Our Paper Roses are handcrafted, realistic looking roses that are made from high quality Italian Crepe Paper.  

We start by hand cutting individual rose petals from the crepe.  Crepe paper not only has beautiful grain lines that add to the realism of the flower, but those grain lines assist in shaping each of these petals. Once perfectly shaped, we bring the petals together to form an elegant rose!

And, what better way to display these beautiful roses than in a choice of elegant keepsake flower boxes. 

Hence, we have Boxed Paper Roses! 

A perfect gift for your special someone as they convey all the same sentiments as fresh flowers or eternity roses, but they last many years!  A perpetual reminder of all the feels created in the moment they first received your gift!